Watch me lose it...
2003-01-29 21:27:06 (UTC)


Listening to : n/a
Written about 23 seconds after a disgreement with someone.
This is almost pure anger...went straight for notepad and
it all came out...

I want to wrip out your fucking lungs
I want to tear up ever single one of these fucking stupid

And now the angers on me
Right now Make you say sorry
Make you feel sorry
Go down in glory
Blazing guns
Wripping lungs
Motherfucking bitches going on and on
Blah blah motherfucking mememeemem blah blah
Fuck that.
Get your hair cut
Fuck that
Keep your mouth shut
Fucking Berto is running this show
So shut your fucking mouth , stupid blonde fucking hoe
I'm gonna break your ankles
Make you bleed
Make you hang
Make you dangle

Watch me stand there and laugh
While that fucking bitch bleeds until she passes out
Strangle you to fucking death
Just beat you with a bat until theres no fucking anger left
Cos when it all starts to build up
Its gotta come out
Dont fucking speak to me that way bitch
You could never find out, what this shits all about
I'm a motherfucking legend
I'm on a motherfucking mission
Beat dominatrixes into submission
Suck my fucking dick
Make you fucking sick
Take you to a hospital
Force feed you cum on a drip
Bitch..dont you know this is it?
This is the end of your life...are you scared just a little
fucking bit?
And theres 7 shots in a .44, a total of 11 rounds for you,
including the shotgun that has 4 more...shit..that wont do.
And even then I'll use the bat behind the door
Knives and stabbing shit cut you up you fucking whore
Take revenge...its all come to an end
cant write more bullets to spend
Just tired, losing it faster then faster...jesus help me
before I work out how to master
The art of murder...send me to jail forever...see me again
in the land wiggas, never never
But push me too far...this time I'll write
This time your right
Your lucky..
Next time it'll be your life


Writing time : 15 minutes

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