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2003-01-29 21:21:47 (UTC)

Old friend...

Today wasn't too bad, nothing ral exciting, just same ol
same ol. But i was thinkin about yesterday when i wrote
about how i can't wait until spring break and summer,
because it will be so much fun. Well i was thinkin last
night abotu how much spring break was last year. I had a
best friend that we chilled at each other's house every
day. and i mean EVERY day. Everythign we did, we did
with each other. We went out and had clean fun, liek went
surfing, scurfing, boating, fishing, picked up girls
together, all that stuff, and we had a hell of alot of fun
doing it. We used to also go to Miss. all the time, and
that was great too. And when the weather warms up and we
have days liek that again, i am reminded of the last few
years when we always chilled, stay the ngith at each
other's house, snuck out and did dumb shit with tourist
girls, and just did anything we felt like. Well things
happened and we aren't the best of friends, like we don't
hang out or anythign but we talk everyonce and a while.
So now, don't get me wrong, i ahve fun with my friends,
but i miss the things i used to do. And my mom is a big
part of it, she knew that my best friend and i wouldn't
have done anything wrong or bad really, and now she
doesn't trust me because of past events that haven't
looked good on my present friends. So she doesn't let me
do as much, and that bitch has control of almost
everything I do, it pisses me off pretty bad. She is a
control freak. So it's not that i miss him, but it's that
i miss having that good friend there that i could do stuff
with, and we were the best of friends, pretty much
brothers. And i miss chillin n what not. But i can't
help it now, but i could have in the past. But all things
concidered, im doin just fine. I have new friends, and
we're gonna party all summer long, and have a hell of alot
of fun. But i'm out for now, peace,
Song of the day: Friends BY Sprung Monkeys
Tip of the day: Save all friendships if it's possible, u
won't regret it.