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2001-09-17 18:58:38 (UTC)

I don't know

Today is okay except that I usually get an a in algebra and
instead I got a c. First it was a d but I found some
errors in the instructors grading. Then someothers in
oppinion. ohwell. Ohwell hell! It meant alot to me!
This girls perfume next to me is really choking me. Well my
girl Kim left a note in my windshield wipers. All it said
was "you are on my mind" And something like that made me
feel so on top of the world. You should try it sometime.
Leave a small note in the widsheild wipers(when it is not
raining hah ha) of someone you care about. You will be
surprised in how much of a better mood they will be in.
Not to mention how they will treat you. Also it will make
you feel better. Well its time to eat. Also kim is going
to an interveiw And I want to see how it went. BYE!

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