Walking Contradiction

I'm a good girl.... no, I swear ;)
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2001-09-17 18:41:14 (UTC)

Lots of news.... not much of it is good

I'm beginning to wonder if any good news is ever going to
come. By the time it does I'm sure I will pass out from
freaking shock.

This weekend was extremely subdued. Neither of us was
feeling inspired to go out at all. We went and
watched "Blow" with our downstairs neighbor... he seems
okay, but not really that entertaining... I can't see him
partying at ALL. Oh well.

Saturday we went up to J's parents and he mowed their lawn
and stuff so his mom will loan him some money. I am doing
my *best* to support both of us while he's unemployed, but
I don't make a big enough salary to support two people much
longer!!! Especially because I need to buy a plane ticket
to San Diego for a wedding in 6 weeks.

Not that I am going to be feeling ready to FLY... I am one
of those types that has to be tranquilized before being put
on a plane. That is back in he olden days of last week. Now
my fears are much worse, naturally.

It's like the time before Tuesday was this alternate, safe

Anyways. Saturday night we just hung out at home and took
shots. Bad plan after eating hot dogs. I was up at 3 am
puking my ass off.

Sunday we went to church with A. The service wasnt so great
(I havent been to a service since Easter actually)but it
was nice to join hands with other grieving people and
donate money and all that. Afterwards we went to a family
dinner at Js grandma's which was nice. I am all about
famliy the last few days.

I just got an email from my friend that she has to have
surgery on her butt tommorow.