Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
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2003-01-29 20:45:01 (UTC)

I'm sick. As Usual.

I felt terribly sick last week, and even had to take a
day off work, but then I felt better for a day. Now I feel
shitty again, but I can't take work off again after having
just done so, and 'feeling better'. Dammit. Someday I won't
have to worry about this sort of thing, because I won't
have to work. Ryan just said today that I won't have to
work anymore in the very near future. That would be so
great. I could go to school double time.
I still like the Sims game, but my obsession has died
down a tad. I'm stuck at this one part where I have to move
out with someone at a party, but he won't move out with me
unless I'm in a perfect mood AND it's a raging party, which
is nearly impossible. It's my fault though. I really want
to move out with a specific character ('Bingo'), but he's a
total party animal, and that's why he's particular about
who he moves out with. He's in love with me though, so when
we do finally move out, I'll be ahead of the game, having a
boyfriend or whatever.
Okay, must get food, bye!

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