2001-09-17 17:43:17 (UTC)

Mondays Suck

... alright, this weekend was pretty cool. I walked down to
the little salsa club down the street and went dancing-- i
really went for the free wine coolers-- but I still danced.
Saturday- Chris, Coleena, and I decided we were going to go
on an adventure and take random city buses to different
locations. We ended up lost an hour away from campus and
stood in the rain for five hours. Needless to say I have a
cold now. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and thank god,
I'm not pregnant. I kind of wanted a kid but with all of the
shit going on in the world today-- I don't want to be right
now. When Desert Storm was going on a lot of pregnant women
were exposed to radiation and their babies came out retarded
or deformed. I'm not saying that's gonna happen but I'm just
saying it's always a possibility. I want my kids to have all
their arms and legs and brain cells. If they did'nt I'd
still love them the same-- I just want to have healthy