Poetry of the Vampyress
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2001-09-17 17:36:52 (UTC)

this morning.... Hell.... Hate... and Fury to guide it

Hell have no fury like the clouds... lightning and thunder
embedded within those creatures of the air and sky, rain
and ... the clouds...

Hate... what i hate.... why i hate... who i hate... do you
know? do you care? bah you wish you cared, you wish you
knew, you wish.... yes... you wish..

I gave you my heart, You gave what back? Compassion? Love?
Words of a slight "Thank You"... no... you gave me nothing
in return for that which i gave you... now it's gone..
gone.. forever out of my hands and body..


What good is it to cry out? What good is it to wonder why?
What good is it to help me when you can't do it to
yourself? What have i done to deserve what you have to
give, or otherwise, taken from me? You are a fiend of my
body, raped and battered.. you left me no choice...

Good bye.. Forever...

Hell... Hate.. and the Fury to go with it all..

I am proud to be an american. May we all now know what we
must do. Goddess bless our nation, forever keep us safe
from the harm of others, and help us, guide us, show us the
choices we can make.

Blessed Be