2003-01-29 18:51:53 (UTC)

Last night and today..

Last night after work Derit and I decided that we would
hang out....so we went to Boston Pizza and had supper and
then to Crappy Tire so we could get the cables to hook up
my new DVD player and watch movies in my room. We watched
Master of Disguise....it was okay I guess. Had its funny
moments....and I would have been okay with just turning it
off but nooooooooo derit had to make me sit through
watching all of the deleted scenes and stuff lol. I was
like "why are you doing this to me"....lol.
Anyways.....that was my night...Oh and I think the people
at Boston Pizza think that Him and I are dating or
something. LOL They are selling these paper hearts for V-
day...and yea...shes like wanna buy one for a $1. The
money goes to Heart and Stroke Foundation. So Derit said
sure...and when she walked by....I was like we have no
idea what to write on there.....She's like
well....everyone else writes "this one loves that
one"....and walked away....I was like ummmmmmm I think she
thinks we are together....So yea anyways....we ended up
just writing happy v-day to our favorite watress and ex
employee Amy. lol

Woohoo, what an exciting night eh! Now I just got out of
the shower and considering its my day off and Derit doesnt
work or go to school today....we are going to Dawson Creek
so check out some stuff and give his car a run. Should be
fun and interesting....Derit and I always seem to find
something to laugh at....

So I should go and dry my hair and make sure I am ready
for when he gets here from the car wash.....talk to ya'll