Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-01-29 18:38:17 (UTC)

The Days Get Longer The Nights Get Longer The Wind Gets Stronger.

It was really, really, really windy last night. The bush
outside my door (yes. That's right) was blowing like
whatever to the point where it sounded like it was trying
to break in through the letterbox. It wasn't - that I'm
aware - but I got paranoid about it more that once. Its a
big bush.

Susequently, sleep came difficult last night, though the
dream about being given 2 broomsticks (no magical powers
or anything, just 2 large headed brooms) by a tall police-
type character made up for it. Thanks for sending me them
Didier! (Well, you did in the dream).

Meantime, the days in which my dissertation takes priority
are long - its a good topic, but not really one I can get
my teeth into as yet, I don't think, so its all very slow
progress, writing a bit down and then taking time off,
writing a bit more, then taking time off, then..(there's a
pattern emerging here, and you don't know what it is, do

However, the last essay I did that for was the best essay
I've ever written (re: Chronic Town EP) and the first
piece of work I've ever got a first for. That it was only
1/5 of the essay I ACTUALLY did fills me with fear, really.

So all my time seems to be strectched at the moment - not
in a good, busy way, either. Shame, huh?

WILT? Crowded House - Distant Sun (Live) Its even better
than the real thing, its so sparse, and so melancholic.
Goes with the mood I'm in.