My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-29 18:25:32 (UTC)

When I smile, the world smiles with me.....

You know what? I woke up this morning thinking it was
another day. I got up again at 8 am when I was supposed to
be up at 7:30, didn't leave the house till 9, and still
made it for my 10 am class. Now, that's pushing it!
It's also a great feeling to wake up to being wanted... :-)
Because of Mike, I'm in the best mood that I've been in for
a while now. I'm so stressed with school, but today, I
could care less!
And then again, although I feel like screaming to the world
on how great my life is right now, I really won't. I'm a
little bummed out. This is mainly because of how lonely
Mike is right now. He's bringing me down, and considering
that's not that hard to do since I still love him in a
whole different way than he does me, that's not good. Well,
I am getting better now... really. I don't know... he's
just good at reminding me of how much I miss him!
So.... what I'll do to save everyone else that's reading
this (I don't want to get anyone else down also), I'll be
writing an email to you Mike, k? I'm assuming that you're
email addy for school is working since you sent me a
feedback note on here.
Anyway, on a more cheerful note, I've decided to have my
birthday party on Feb 16th, since Elise wouldn't be able to
do the 15th. That's fine with me... and I was thinking
bowling again like last year.... probably at Toppler again
too.... if anyone has any other suggestions, please let me
know. I'll also be sending an email out to everyone... boy,
am I busy or what? :-)
That's it for now.... I'll post again... probably tonight
when I get back from the Science Centre.... oh yea... I'm
going there tonight with my Astr 2205 class.... lol


*Mike, your email for U of C isn't working for some strange
reason.... maybe you typed it wrong... I don't know. Anyway, I sent
the very long email to your shaw account... if you already don't know
how to check it from any computer, go to I think you
know already, but thought I would tell you anyway!*
*Another note since I'm not thinking today.... big hug for Mike... to
make him feel better! And yea... about the live journal accout, that
would be great....*

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