Totally Consumed
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2003-01-29 17:44:49 (UTC)

s i c k

12:44 PM

ehhh im so sick. not fun. there isnt anything to write
about today. well there is. but i dont want to. jason read
all of that stuff that i wrote about him last nite. he
didnt even say anything. i knew he wouldnt care..hes just
like that. im going to bed.

9:18 PM

grr to my 'mother'! i have to go back to (quote, unquote)
hell-on-earth tomorrow. peter said hes sending me something in the
mail..i cant wait. i really wanna kno wut it is..ahh its killing me!
lol. once when we broke up i took of the charm of a necklace he gave
me and gave it back to him (after covering in paint or something) he
told me once he cleaned it and kept it. i wonder if thats it. if it
is i swear i will never take that thing off. if it isnt whatever it
is ill take it with me everywhere i go! ok i have a new rule for
myself. im going to have to suffer through school for another 80 i might as well face it. so whenever someone gives me shit
ill just said "u kno what i really dont care" because i really dont.
i have GREAT friends back home and here and i dont need shit from
people i dont even like. al has been sick for a long time now. im
gonna make her a card and give it to her tomorrow. going to school is
like getting hit by a bus, taking too many advil, shooting yourself
in the foot with a gun, and then getting dumped. well it would be
like that if i had anyone to be dumped by. i really want to go out
with some1 who is tottaly themself. not uptight, quiet, and worried
about other peoples opionions. i hate that. all the guys here need to
go hang out with peter and his friends. ehhh..maybe i do need a
friggin therapist. going to call al. she better come
tomorrow or im going home. uh jeze i forgot i dont have clothes to
wear they are all dirty..ehhhh. on top of all this i have to find out
why Currie told me earlier that we werent friends. wut the fuck? i
thot cur and i were great freinds. i have a great life eh? u kno u
wish u were me.

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