my so called life
2001-09-17 16:08:41 (UTC)

Summary of the weekend

This is great.. I don’t HAVE to do ANYTHING today… I’m
finished with my physics test (it sucked, I probably won’t
fail, but I’ll most likely get a 2 :((( ) and I handed in
my essay today.. I have some maths to do, but I don’t HAVE
to do those homeworks. GREAT :)
This weekend was good.. Friday we went fishing for crabs,
me and four other girls.. it was soo nice, the sea, the
sky, the stars, the fire.. great!
Saturday we went out, it was too crowded and the music kind
of sucked, but it was nice enough.
Yesterday I worked, wrote my essay and watched tv..
I’ll write a longer entry later, just received a message
from Ben saying he wants me to come online ;)
bye for now :)