Padded Room Memoirs
2001-09-17 15:32:12 (UTC)


How in the blue hell could this have happened!?!Jerry
Falwell and Pat Robertson on 700 Club have placed blame for
Last Tuesday's attacks on gays and abortion-rights
activists. What in the hell kinda bs is this?
I am a straight female, but I have many friends that
are gay or bi-sexual. And to say that this is GOD's way of
punishing us for those people is not only obsurd, but a
horrible abuse of free speech. I personally don't believe
in abortion for my own personal reasons. If we buy into
this, we have totally lost sight of what is going on.
While I am off on my rant, this is the same as what is
going on with all Americans of Middle Eastern decent. We
are attacking these people that ARE AMERICANS! People that
live in our communities, whose children go to school with
your children, who you have done business with for YEARS!!!
How can you justify this TERRORISM! That is exactly what
this is. These people who are doing this are no better than
those people who bombed the Trade Centers. How can you
attack your neighbors!?
Not everyone from somewhere else is a terrorist. There
is a man in Isola, Mississippi, that I haven't seen in a
long time. In the wake of this, I wonder if the community
that has kept is store going for all of these years is
standing behind him. I pray that he is not experiencing any
of this backlash. And if he reads this by chance, Stanly
may GOD be with you and protect you and your beautiful
Now, all of you... Out of my head!