my entity
2003-01-29 14:09:09 (UTC)

hello there

its been a while again...finally got the mood to go online
at home and write in here at least....

its been two months already and a lot of things happened
again. and come to think of it..February is just around the
corner..whew! Christmas season have past and now valentines'
here already awwww..... i wonder if i have any date that
day at all? nah forget it! u bet a big NONE *sigh*

well its ok.. anyhow im happy and i know that God has
someone special reserved for gonna attend this 3-
day retreat encounter w/ God and Im too excited about it.
I cant express what excitement I feel.

I believe this will be a lot of fun..

more to come..stay tune ;)

ciao and God Bless!