My Life
2001-09-17 15:24:09 (UTC)

Wow, I actually had a good morning. . .

Ok, woke up at 5 this morning. Not fun. I wasn't paying
attention and I fell out of bed. Really I did. Practice
went good. I didn't totally suck. Definantly a GOOD
thing. Although something in my knee cracked. LOL I
should get new knees. This is ridiculous. Anyone want to
give up their knees? LMAO Haha oh well. In dance class,
I did good. We finished learning all of Lisa's dance.
It's fun, but really fast. I guess if I actually practice
like I'm suppose to, maybe I'll get better. Right now I'm
in Christian Morality and I'm suppose to be journaling.
Technally, I am, just not in the right journal. Hehe. My
Lord, I'm tired. And I have 2 tests today. They shouldn't
be hard. Progress reports come out today and I have a
feeling that I'm gonna get like 5 of em. :-( My mom is
gonna kick my ass. Haha. She said I can take voice
lessons if I can find out how much they cost. Now all I
have to do is make a phone call and I'm on my way. Yay!
She also said I could take hip hop lessons at Powerhouse.
She said I have to find out prices there, too, so Jamie and
I are gonna go up there sometime after school. i'm
excited. I just hope I'm not getting my hopes up.
Something that bothers me, soccer doesn't mean that much to
me. I mean soccer used to be my LIFE! i mean when people
heard my name the thought "oh, soocer girl." It defined
me! And now, I don't care and that bothers me. Hmmm... I
guess it's not fun for me anymore. So sad, so sad. Oh my
goodness, I feel like I'm gonna throw up! Ugh! My face is
breaking out like no other. Hmmm... Well, I don't feel so
well, so I'm gonna go. Haha. Next time, I'm gonna tell you
about me reinventing myself! Haha Until next time. -Cam

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