2001-09-17 13:41:33 (UTC)

not gonna do it....damn boys

I'm just not gonna comment at length about the
bombing...too stressful and depressing right now.
Instead I will talk about things like guys and school, and
what not. Okay, so...there are a few guys here at XU
that "float my boat", oddly enough. I really didn't even
think I'd make many friends much less meet any one to
date. But there is a guy named Matt that I met here at
orientation. He is really tall, 6'8, a foot taller than
me, and it is great. I love how he is so tall! That means
when I hug him, my head is by his heart, which makes me
smile. But, he grew up about 5 minutes from me, and he is
extremely attractive. The only problem that I see with him
is that he likes the ladies. I don't really think he is a
player, because he never acts like he is dating one single
girl, but he just happens to have a lot of girl friends,
with benefits it seems to me, so I don't think that I would
like to really be emotionally involved with that.
Another guy, named Tom, is a basketball player, once again,
a huge guy, probably around 6'7, or 6'8...(see a pattern
here?). He is in my Theology class, and we have never
talked but we always catch eachother staring at eachother.
It is so weird. I think it is kinda funny. I was at a
party this weekend and he was there bein' all tall n stuff
n hard to miss (hehe), and I caught him staring at me a
couple of times. the second time I just kinda smiled and
shook my head. I dunno about this boy...should be
interesting...we'll see how class goes on wednesday...