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2001-09-17 13:32:13 (UTC)

Death of the beard

intro to computers class

Fuckin bitch. I woke up this morning on time for class and
on my way to starting the week off right. Then I decided to
touch up that annoying fuckin beard of mine which was
causing me problems both cause of the itching and also
cause of the fear that some retard would mistaken me for
muslim and take out their anger with a sucker shot
bottle or some shit. Anyway, I started fixing it up and
then (as usually happens when you try to reshape facial
hair, atleast for me) I slipped. So I tried evening it out
from the other side.. well... it ended up a goatee... and
that looked SUPER retarded so now i have my face out bare
and it looks even more retarded cuz my hair's grown a

How fuckin superficial is THIS entry?

ah.. bite me.