Giving in
2001-09-17 12:35:12 (UTC)

crazy antics

a lot happenned over the weekend. well thursday night i
ended up going to work at staples, which was pretty
uneventful. I called up randy at some point and asked him
if he wanted to hang out. i got billy at work to buy me
some beer, which was cool. after janyne let us out of work
i went and picked up randy then went and got the beer then
we went to the dam to meet rachel and i went and got
maiter. rachel didn't stay long, and then we got a fire
started at the dam. after getting the fire going, we
started to drink the beer and gin we had. a little ways
into it, randy started calling people on his cellphone. i
told him to call seth, which he did and seth came down a
while after. by the time seth got there i was piss drunk.
it was funny, maiter, seth and i talked about stuff for a
while, during which randy was talking to who knows on his
cell. at some point he realizes what he is doing and he
comes over to us. maiter, seth, and he start taking shots
of gin with the soda seth brought as a chaser. i declined
casue i was fucked. then it starts to drizzle, at which
point randy drops his cellphone and neither he nor maiter
can find it. oh wait, before that maiter and randy decide
to play a game called dice. with this game, you call a
number and roll dice, if you call the number you get to
punch the other person. well they didn't have dice so they
had seth put up fingers behind his back and they would
guess that. i think that lasted for at least thiry minutes
or so. and randy and maiter are taking shots this whole
time. after this game loses it's novelty, that is when
randy drops his cellphone and can't find it. i am lying
down on the dam and don't really want to move, but seeing
at i was getting wet from the rain, i decided that i was
going to go to my car and lay down there. i start trying
to walk to my car...hold on i'll finish this later my boss
just came in