2003-01-29 06:15:13 (UTC)

Hidden Pleasures ( written for my friend..hope you like it)

My head pressed against the windows' glass
My eyes did feast upon a carnal treasure
Two male lovers , writhing
Underneath the moons bright light
Watching, my manhood did engorge, straining
My hand did cover and close
I was at once stroking to their pace.
The manhood of the older lover
Did plunge and plow ,
Deep into the orifice
Of the young blonde lads bowel.
I watched undetected, like a vampire in the shadows.
I spilled my seed not once , but many times.
Again and again my manhood would engorge
To fill with blood , pulsating against my palm.
Quivering as my eyes did feast upon the grinding lovers.
The sky began to fill with light , dawn was coming.
And once again so was I.... as did they.
At my feet were my puddles of lust.
Looking out the window
The lovers had since gone.
There in the mist upon the grass,
Was the outline
Of the two male lovers bodies
Briefly , I would be reminded
Of the best orgasms of my life.

FIREPOET (a.k.a Mistress_StoneWolf_2000)