Moonwind Dancer

Moonwind Dancer's Shadow of the Nig
2001-09-17 10:27:29 (UTC)

today is a miserable day for me

Today I will never see my Godchildren again. I know this.
I am so upset becasue the one time that I could have seen
them, is now passed. My sister, Destiny and her son,
Ricky, were both selfish and didn't come get me to see them
that one last time. Now all I have is the pictures that I
took. I didn't even get to give Little Tristan a last bag
of peanut M&M's. I am forever helping my sister with
spells to try and get her ex-husband back. I have spent
hundreds of dollars of my husbands money on her to help. I
was bitter because she treated us so shabbily at Christmas.
We were supposed to have such a lovely dinner and open
presents. it was a good thing we didn't open presents with
them because they gave each other very expensive presents
and had a grand meal, while we sat in our cold little
trailer eating Ramien noodles. Then when we did make it
over to their house in our little car all we got were some
stupid house slippeers and a battery operated lamp. I made
presents for each and every one of them..all 0 of them.
Then we bought each one of them a present too. We got food
they ahd frozen to take home with us to make "sandwiches"
out of while they had a big "hot" dinner. Ricky and
Melissa didn't even buy us a card. I sent each one of them
Christmas cards by mail. I got none from them. Destiny
bought her then"daughter-in-law" tht she had come to love
so much tons of great presents. They bought Ricky tons
of "Harley Davidson" clothes and all. Yes, I am bitter.
Now she has no husband and is driving me nuts doing spells
on him and the woman he has chosen to live with. Her son is
getting divorced from Melissa. She is taking the children,
My God children, back to Dallas, Texas with her. I didn't
even get to get a hug or get to kiss them good-bye. I
can't spend anymore money on my sister and her problemic
spells. She has tainted my circle with her bitterness. I
am not the dark witch ......she is. She keeps saying I am
the black to her white. I am not the one to want spells put
on my ex because he has divorced me...she is. For the last
5-6 months we have spent so much money on candles and oils
and incense and printer paper& ink. She has always said
she didn't have any money and poor mouthed till I would go
buy the stuff to shut her up. Now MY husband is sick. He
has the flu and a real bad sore throat and cough. He says
his kidneys are hurting him. I think her spells are
bleeding over into my life. I just can't do any more of
these spells, especially when Ihave yo pay for all the
supplies. I spent all but $20 out of $200 on her and the
supplies we needed to do her spells. This is the end after
this she will have to do for herself. I have even forgone
paying my bills to help her. Now it is done. It is time
for Jamie to take care of her own husband and home. I need
a rest from all of this. I have been so depressed over the
things happening in pennsylvania, d.c. nd nyc. it has been
horrendous. If it had happened a year ago MY SON, SEAN,
would be dead now. I just can't take anymore. I have been
in a world wide candle light prayer vigil since Tuesdy
morning. I have to keep the prayers flowing and the
candles burning so i have been sleeping very little and
living off of bottled water,diet soda,coffee and
cigarettes. I need some time just for me and Sterling and I
intend to get it. Wednesday when he gets paid we are going
to do just what we want to do. We ahve to pay the bills
but after that ...IT'S TIME FOR US!!! I do not want tohear
my sister sniveling about her dmned losses when they didn't
even think about me and how much I would have loved to get
a final hug and kiss from my kids. She is so selfish, no
wonder she lost everything. I don't care. If anyone is
reading this I would appreciate it if you would light
candles for the people lost due to this horrendous act of
terrorism. Say prayers for them and their families ad

Please forgive my rantings because I sure needed to get
this off my chest. After all, I am only human.

May the Goddess Bless.

BB Blessings