It smells like poop over here
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2003-01-29 04:09:13 (UTC)

pilfers, reel big fish

is gonna start your party low, coolie ranx is on the
microphone. two great bands, one broke up and RBF are on
their way down. too bad, when i saw em for the first time
together, they tore the house down.
dave's band is playing a show next thursday in grand
rapids, i think im going to that. i haven't really heard
em. i know he wants out of his band though, doesn't seem to
make him very happy.
i had a long discussion with laura yesterday, reassuring
her i wasn't mad at her....i just couldn't tell her. i've
lost almost all respect for her and im not sure i want to
be friends with her anymore. after kissing me, joe, rich
and being a terrible drunk and insecure and just...being
her. i can't even understand myself, i love her to death,
and i dont' want her to change, and i want to be friends
with her, but i just can't stand her for who she is. make
sense? of course not. but i know what i mean, and i've said
it. so im gonna have a cigarette and go to bed. night.