2001-09-17 08:33:57 (UTC)

Bleak future?

After reading a weekly paper on internet technology, I
begin to wonder whether I am taking the wrong course. After
a few hours of pondering, I begin to regret taking the
wrong course. At the moment, I am studying a two-year
foundation course with bio, chem, physics and math as my
subjects. I have no interest at all in bio and chem. Math
and physics are okay but I am losing interest as well. I
really want to settle down to play Dark Earth (which no one
I know seem to hear of it before) or any 3rd person game,
read sci-fic and fantasy books and learn how to bake. I
would also love to learn how to assemble a computer, design
website and learn programming. This list of want-to may
only be a sudden whim, but they hold my attention for a
much longer span of time than my books. Unfortunately,
regretting my choice of education just a month before my
finals is a no-no. What can I do about it anymore? I guess
I just have to plod on and do something I dislike for the
rest of my life. Sigh.
May my life be short.

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