inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-09-17 08:27:35 (UTC)


k, this entry has nothing @ all 2 do w/ pantera, i just
felt like using that band as my subject line. =P slowly but surely (surely? mayB not... i just had
2 say that cuz it's part o' the cliche) professing my love
for windy-chan. ::buries head in hand:: am i a pedophile
or wat? well, it isn't like that, i promise you... but
it's only been recently that i actually came 2 the
realization that she's my best friend. i mean... i've
alwayz known i liked her as a person and i nice person 2
chat w/ and rp w/ and all that stuff, but recently i
started noticing how i care fer her on a more-than-just-
superficial level. it wasn't shocking, finding that out,
just... i dont kno... kind of... interesting. huh. that's
prolly not the word im lookin fer. but tis not a bad
thing. mostly a good thing, but mayB not entirely cuz i do
worry a lot about whether she'll think it's weird, like im
a pervert or a stalker or sth like that, or that i actually
*am* weird.. i mean... this is just a girl on the internet!
but.. the thing is.. windy-chan ISNT 'just a girl on the
internet'. i dunno. i like her, not hate her, so why over-
analyze? liking some1 is a lot better than hating them.
so this is more of a good thing than a bad one.

n e wayz. on a different wavelength... i got my nose
pierced on friday. i'd been thinking about it fer awhile,
and when i woke up that morning, i realized this was the
day i was gonna do it. so i did. it felt good to actually
get it done, when i was there, b/c i'd been tossing the
idea around like crazy lately. =P after that failed
attempt in BC, i kept wondering if i should do it or not...
but im glad i did. i haven't had n e problems w/ it at
all, yet. i don't even feel it. i was afraid it'd b like
my tragus, fine the 1st day and then bleeding like mad the
next. and then giving me all kinds o' hell. but my nose
has behaved itself thus far. i feel like i've had it for a
month already, instead of just a few days. that and i
think it looks good 2, of course ;) it's always a nice
thing to feel a little bit better after a lot o' stress and
depression.......... i got a lot of compliments from my
piercer, which was nice... he liked my clothes, and said
that 'i was a very pretty girl', without all my makeup on.
that's a compliment, even tho it does kinda make me feel
ugly cuz i always feel that way w/out makeup.. =P it
shouldn't tho. i mean, he told me i was pretty, rite?

n e way... it's late and i can feel my brain shutting down
=P that's all that's been happening since the last time i
wrote... well... not exactly... i chose not to mention the
world news 2day b/c that's really been depressing me
lately, and i've been kinda moody... but i'm not ignoring
it... just giving my brain a bit of a break.

so yeah... i'm off fer the nite. later.