~~Eirry Berry~~
2003-01-29 02:45:43 (UTC)

So Much Time

January 28
Despite my late night last night, I was able to drag
myself out of bed and to my 8 am psych class. Yay for
Erica! Nothing much happened in class, a lot of notes
about the brain and central nervous system (*yawn*). So I
leave class and I go and turn on my cell phone and I have
two missed calls, I wonder who they could be from? Of
course they are from Josh so I call him at Roger's to see
what he wants (turns out he wants to see me, apparently he
missed me in the whole 7 hours that I was gone, *grin*).
So we decide to meet at McDonald's which Josh told me he
knew where it was (he quick response should have tipped me
off that he didn't know but it didn't). I see him drive
by and I'm waiting for him to come in and he doesn't
because he didn't stop. So Carissa and I have to go and
try and find where him and Roger could have gone. Not
very fun. We finally talk to them and tell them to meet
us at the mall (we had to ask them like a million times if
they were sure they could find it because we are mean like
that). Nothing really exciting occured at the mall, Carissa and I
went to the bathroom and ending coming back with a shirt. When we
left the mall we decided to go to Roger's house again. Carissa and
I got there first but we could't go in because there were deer and
they kept looking at us (it was quite frightening, really). We
finally make it to the safety of the house and we all end up falling
asleep after about 20 minutes. How exciting it was!
Carissa and I left to go to Camelback, I don't know why we
didn't take Josh with us but for some reason we didn't. It was so
very freezing and I had to teach two lessons. It wasn't that bad
because I got to teach the first one with Ally and we had a little
heart-to-heart on the lift and it was nice talking to people aside
from Josh (I spend so much time with him I feel like we've known
each other forever instead of just a week). My next lesson is only
one girl, Kendra, and she is so much fun. I love skiing with her,
she is awesome and she's only 4. She told me that I'm her favorite
person to ski with (*grin* I love little kids). She is just the
best. After my lessons I go inside and Josh wants to go out again.
I really like him and I like going out with him but everything is
happening so fast. I haven't spent any real time with my family
since like Friday or something crazy like that. It's like he is my
life and I don't want to end up spending all my time with him (even
though that's what I want now) and not having any friends because I
don't have time for them. I really like him but us dating is so
new, I need time to think about everything. I don't want to end up
hating him because we are always together. I think I need to talk
to him...

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