2001-09-17 06:59:50 (UTC)

back on the writing wagon, so to speak

i did it. i sat my ass down today, tore myself away from the
playstation (it's evil. it WILL be the downfall of mankind,
i just know it. i'm just SOOOO glad there aren't an
infinite number of final fantasies because no one would ever
see me again), and i wrote.

well, sort of. i cleaned up chapters 4 & 5 of The Butterfly
Effect and posted them to fanfiction.net. next is finishing
the restructuring of 6 - moved stuff around to make short,
concise scenes instead of a pair of really long ones.

i've also begun writing a final fantasy 7 fic,
"(ex)trinsecus" a title which throm helped me with. it
takes place years after the fall of the meteor, with Yuffie,
Vincent and Cloud working together again, each one with a
different reason for the same goal. mostly though, it's
about letting go of the past and moving on, something all
three have to discover. it's got action, cheeky dialogue,
some romance and a bit of sentimentality. and where else
can i make vincent say "you shovel a lot of shit for such an
emaciated intellect" ? i'm having fun writing this, and
hopefully my readers will enjoy it as well.