~~Eirry Berry~~
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2003-01-29 02:35:40 (UTC)

My World is out of Focus

January 27
Josh and I are actually dating now (*smile*). We
went to Roger's house on Monday after work. Luckly we
figured out his wonderful directions ("You turn after the
guardrail on 911." that was fun, he really meant 940
although we thought it was 611 for awhile, 940 also has
more then one guardrail in case you were wondering) and
made it to his house. We go inside and it was colder then
it was outside because Roger turns the heat off when he
goes to work. One would assume that if you build a fire
and turn the heat up to 90 degrees the house would warm up
but no it did not. There was a draft aside from the
window that was left open (luckly we found the window
relitivley quickly). So we (Carissa, Roger, Josh and I)
decide that we are hungry so Carissa and Roger go to get
pizza leaving Erica all alone with Josh (I thought it was
going to be bad too but turns out he really is sweet and
didn't try anything). He is so amazingly wonderful (I
know, I say this all the time but you do not understand
how great he is especially after all of the guys that I
have previously dated) So he finally asked me out, it
wasn't so romantic that it warrents any further
explination. After we eat Josh and I get the brilliant
idea to go upstairs because heat rises, so we were nice
and warm. While Josh and I are upstairs (not really doing
anything, I was half asleep and he was playing with my
hair) my mother calls me. I was not about to go and get
my cell phone so Carissa answered it. Needless to say my
mother was not too pleased to hear that I was at "some
guys from works house" at 12:45 in the morning. She was
even less pleased when I told her that I wasn't coming
home right away and that I would call her when I decided
to leave (hey, I'm finally 18, I'm entitled to stay out
late if I want to). I finally made it back to my house at
about 2:30 am which wouldn't have been so bad except that
I had to be to class at 8:00 am.