My Reality
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2003-01-29 02:35:05 (UTC)


First off, fuck you preston, i try and be nice and talk to
you for the first time in two months and all you want to do
is basically call me a whore bc i am finally goin out on
dates with someone who treats me the way i should be
josh, ok so i am going to see josh on friday and sort
things out
steve, steve doesnt seem to want a relationship but he isnt
opposed to it if it happens, he seems a lil physical it makes me a lil uncomfortable, espcially bc
i am really kinda looking to get into a serious
relationship...i dont know whats going to happen
if things dont work out with steve i might take josh up on
that whole physical relationship thing
above everything else, i really hope josh figures things
otu and comes back to me..i love that boy, we are great
together and i cant wait to be wtih him....if it ever