What goes on in my own little world
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2003-01-29 01:37:42 (UTC)

Today's topic.. dating..

Today was a boring day.... everything seemed to bore
me.... I came home for lunch,a nd was too bored at school
so i stayed home and didn't go back because it's soooo
boring. I am VERY, EXTREMELY, SOOOOO ready for spring
break and summer. Man i can't wait. Every morning i wake
up and i remember days that i woke up last year, the year b
4, and even the year b 4 that, when the sun shines on my
face, and wakes me up. It reminds me of spring and
summer. Mostly becaue when it's cold the sun doesn't come
up that early,and you can tell by the hot beaming sun, that
it's nice outside and it's time to go to the beach and pick
up some girls. Summer comes with soo much freedom, work
(at great places like beign a lifeguard at Big Kahunas...
doesn't get any better than that, no school, usaully no
girl friend...

And speaking of girlfriends, people ahve been talking
latley and i figured i might as well say something about
it. I might have already adressed this, but oh well. In
highschool... relationships are more then they are worth.
And some of you might be thinking, oh, then u have never
had a good one, and maybe ur right, but chances are ur
wrong.:) But look at it this way... Highschool is suposed
to be the most fun time u have in your life. If you ahve a
girlfriend or boyfriend, then chances are that you will
fight at least 25% of the time. If your single you wont
fight at all. If your at a party that your girl/boy
couldn't make it too and maybe ur a little under the
influence and a girl/guy that u have liked for who knows
how long, and this person is all up on you. Why miss out?
even if it is a little kiss, you should never cheat, but if
u were single, then u could. And how many people have u
seen walkign around really sad or cring for DAYS on in
because they boy/girl dumped them? How rediculous is that?
Or, if your on the other end, how hard is it to dump
someone that got overly obbsessed? Extremely hard to hurt
someone like that. Highschool should be fun, and you
shouldn't get married any way until your at least 26 or
so. So that gives you about 8 or so years AFTER highschool
to find that 'speacial someone'. Plus what are the chances
that you will find that someone out of a couple hundred at
ur school when there is 8 billion people on this planet.
So i mean it's all pointless, and whoever is reading this
KNOWS what i'm talking about.

Well now that i got that off my chest, then don't be
bothering me for relationships BITCHES. Haha just playin.
a little relationship here and there is cool, cause u gotta
get some lovin, but what i do is, 'chill' with girls or
girls that are friends and do what ever, and when i wana
have some clean fun and watch a movie or lay with a girl i
go be with a good friend of mine... there is nothing wrong
with good friends doing that, and it puts you closer.
That's why you should have good friends of the opposite
sex. Well enough typing for now, i'll be writting tomorow,
Song of the Day: Still not a playa BY Big Pun.
Tip of the day: (besides the huge one i just wrote about)
Don't ever let any body walk all over you, not even justa
little bit, cause it's all down hill from there.