Screaming Cathedrals
2001-09-17 05:41:46 (UTC)


Well... it figures that things would go this way. As soon
as I get really excited about someone... it crashes and

I heard from Clay online (who lives with Tom)... that he
decided that he's not going to come back down here. I
haven't gotten to talk to him in person since I left... and
I don't know if he just told Clay that to get him off of
his back, or what. Clay doesn't know that Tom and I
have/had feelings for eachother.. soooo....

But... I don't know... Tom hasn't emailed me since I left..
and he said he would.. and I've sent him two with no reply.
God damnit... what is so bad about me that no one cares
enough to stick around?

This is really depressing. That and the stuff with Jon.
He's one of my best friends... and tonight he's out in the
cold sleeping in his car. My mom and I pitched in and
rented him a hotel room last night... but I don't think he
has anywhere to go tonight.

I was going to have him call me when he got off work at
6pm... and I don't know if he did or not... because I was
taking a nap.

ahhh fuck it...