The Bowel Movement
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2001-09-17 05:10:23 (UTC)

Muppy + California = Monkey I won at Disneyland

Hmmm, Personally I think my title is a good one for a song.
Well, my band '2 Secksie' just released our newest single
entitled "Too Sexy for just two!". It's about an orgy.
Anyway, how the hell is everyone. I just found out today
that I will not be producer in the TV class I'm in... I am
furiously pissed off about this, and I wish I was dead.
Maybe Anna Mae will return the favor. Ziy, Happy B-day :P.
I called you twice, but your brother's a pain in the ass.
Anyway, I just got back from a concert at Disneyland this
weekend. I went with my former bandmates from 'secksie'. My
best friend, now manager, TaShika was there, as well as
former bad mate, Emily's, boyfriend. We had lot's of fun. I
was supposed to interview some one to be in our band while
I was out there... this guy Tony... but he never showed up.
I'll give him another chance to audition some other
time :P. hehe. Overall, I found a new '2Secksie' Mascott.
it's an ornage little monkey I won at a carnival type game
at California Adventure theme park. It was great! I love
the little guy. His name is just going to be 'Monkey'
Unless some one has something better. I'm going to try and
put him on our album cover sometime. I was kinda bummed
during the weekend cuz no show from Tony :(. And now I
don't even know what to do about TV, I called Vixen today
for some oral... uh I mean, moral support. It helped a
little butt... I mean bit. I put in so much damn time to
that F'ing class, and look where it got me... NO WHERE.
This is Bull Sh!t. Anyway, I have LOT'S of homework to do,
and I don't know if I'll be attending school tomorrow...
work is a must... but I don't know about school :P. Bye my
Bowel Brothers and Sisters! Sleep well.!

- Muppy

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