Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-01-29 00:01:25 (UTC)

Words On Words

today isn't a good day. i'm not sure what it is. just
late in the day, i got kinda depressed. i think something
is wrong w/ lindsey and i. this being my diary i am gonna
say this. that ONLY thing i wish could change in our
relationship, is just simply that she will start telling me
things. it is seriously starting to aggrivate me that she
tells me nuthan. she told me that she wanted to be like we
were before,(we re good friends before we dated), meaning
that she wishes we could talk like we did then. and i tell
her everything, if somethings on my mind, i feel that it
needs to be said. but her, if something is wrong she keeps
it from me until i probably tick her off until she tells
me. lindsey, please don't be afraid to tell me things. i
love u no matter what u say.
now to talk about something i like to, music. i have
just recently bought THE USED cd. people, i URGE u to buy
this cd. for one, what other band do u know of that every
member sings?? and pulls it off w/ good sound. THE USED are
just a good band. ok well i g2g do a project for school.

Todays song:
THE USED-Poetic Tragedy

just read these lyrics, it is the best song i have ever