ramblings of a madwoman
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2003-01-28 23:56:55 (UTC)

Oh God, the horrible pain.

Katie's Shitty Spine: 4,978
Katie herself: 2

I lose.

Oh lordy, those muscles hurt. They hurt to high-heaven and
NO ONE will give me a fucking backrub. Oh well.

So, I'm done English 12 forever, and this time tommorow, I
will forever be done with math. Unless I score less than 30
or so percent on the final. I'm a little above the
borderline, but not by a whole lot.

Mecha's got a new page up, you truly must check it out if
you have not thus far. (
They pound, and I've been taken on as the
official/unofficial photographer. I'm so cool it scares me.

I'm really not sure what else to write. I'm finding that
getting my ideas out is very difficult. How interesting can
I be though? Derrr... I started going to the gym again and
the 2 textbooks (paperback shitstacks) for my college
english course cost about 80 bucks. That's not headline
news! I'm not headline news! Stop reading this! Go do
something interesting!

That is all.

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