2001-09-17 04:33:21 (UTC)

this is all a blur

I don't know what to think about any of this... maybe I
still haven't digested it yet. my brain has been so fuzzy
for the last six days. I am scared. Of nuclear or
biological war, mostly.

It's weird to feel so removed from the situation, being
here in CA. In some ways I wish I were back in New york
now. then maybe it would seem more real.

I don't want any more innocent people to die. It seems
like a lot more people are going to end up being involved
in this than I thought. I wish the Taliban would just hand
him over, so there doesn't have to be a war. But, if they
did hand him over, what exactly would we do with him?

Lisa wants me to go to Safeway and get her some Draino now
so she can unclog the bathroom sink. I really hope I get
to move to Los Altos with her.

bleh- I am tired. this last week has been so emotionally
draining. sometimes it's so damn hard to live in this