The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2003-01-28 22:46:48 (UTC)


"Oh its not real, and not worth fighting for, old
fashioned, superstions, i find to hard to break them, well
maybe I'm out of place..."

Yeah im in a sorta shitty mood today. Like the girl I
liked last semester was all nice to me and came and sat
with me and I was just like ughhh. What the hell. And she
was nice to me. It was all weird. And Im just ready to
get the hell out of this life. To bad I probably have at
least another good 70 years on my life. Damn. Oh well the
scab trika left, though extra large will someday become
just another giant scar to remind me of my heart, just like
the big ole scar thats visible from the open heart, this
ones just an invisible scar.

"Love can touch us one time and last for a life time, and
never let go till were gone." Thats the new found glory
version not celiene dion.

But yeah thats how the whole trika thing has effected me.
She touched my heart and pulled on the little heart strings
and made me feel worth something. I'll never forget her.
I dont know if the same is true for her. But I think I saw
a side of her that no one else has seen. Things she told
me I will take to my grave. I trusted her and I think she
trusted me. I dont know. But I will never forget that
girl. So yeah Im just gonna have to push her aside. Push
aside the notion girls dont like me. I know of at least
one that does. To bad I like to diffrent girls. Oh well.

"And life aint nothing but a bowl of grits."
So I guess I should learn to like grits. Cause Im gonna be
dealing with them for a long time.

Laters people.