random mumblings
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2001-09-17 03:53:10 (UTC)

i'm *so* tired

my buddy marc called me up last night at about 11:30 and
wanted to know if i wanted to go for some beers...so i
did :) we went to the lieutenant's pump (lotsa ladies
*there*) and the elbow room after and we had a good
time...i spent about how much money i wanted to etc. so we
go out for food after and marc can't use his interac so i
had to throw everything on my fucking visa...pisses me
off. i went to bed around 4:30 am and unfortunately, i
told kirk to call me up at 8:30 and play chess. the
bastard did, so i got about 4 hours sleep...i was a zombie
on the way towork but the day went by fast. i was talking
to heather about this luau this weekend, and it's gonna be
all couples...piss me off...i was hoping for some single
ladies there. oh well. her sister is flying to bc on
october 12th...man i'm jealous...i was i was financially
set enough to just fuck off and go flip burgers or meditate
or whatever for a year in bc or europe or whatever.
but "the man" wants me to pay for my student
loan...whatever. i'm going to bed