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2001-09-17 03:50:16 (UTC)

Big city, bright lights

Hi there. This is my first entry and frankly, I'm lost
for words. Let's see...I'm 18, in college, and thrilled
with life. This past weekend I got my first taste of the
college party scene. We had a rather disappointing Thursday
night, it seems that the world hates freshmen; every club
around here seems to be 19 at best. Ah well, I'll grow up
soon enough. We were prepared on Friday night though. We
had the address to a frat party on West campus and it
turned out to be pretty good. I gave a guy my phone number
and he has called 3 times since when I haven't been home, a
bit too eager for me. Saturday we went to another party at
a club and again I met a guy. He was nice, and cute, but
had a condescending manner and was a little too grabby for
my liking. All in all, it was a fun and exciting couple of

But none of that is me.

Well, more accurately, it's part of me. But a small
part. Truth be told, I'd rather be at a museum, a concert,
a jam session, many other places besides a frat house. I
love to be alone, but sometimes I find myself craving the
company of someone who understands. Rachael understood. She
was my best friend (and lover on a couple of occasions that
we still have barely spoken about) who I left to come here
and pursue my dreams. I miss her terribly, but she's
supposed to come to school here next year, so I suppose we
won't suffer long. I also sometimes crave a man in my life.
I'm so picky that I haven't had a real boyfriend for years
(Mark (the asshole) doesn't count in my opinion..maybe I'll
explain later). I have a weakness for jazz musicians...I
love jazz almost as much as I love orchestral music, or
rock. There are plenty in this town, I'm hoping to meet one
that I can get along with. Someone lanky, dark-haired, and
intense, with eyes that are alive with passion. Someone
like Adam...