OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
2001-09-17 03:33:19 (UTC)

I haven't written in a while

*sigh* Usually if I came here to write I'd be about guys.
About how I'm so depressed b/c no one likes me- Well that
is the least of my worries.
I hate people from Asphganistan (sp?) I don't know how to
spell where ever they came from, but I HATE them. I hate
that Bin Ladan guy- I hate him with a passion. I will
ALWAYS hate him... b/c he has changed my life forever. All
I have done since Tuesday is cry and worry. My dad told me
this morning he will probably be leaving in a few weeks.
You wanna know WHY he is leaving in a few weeks?! Because
he'll be in a freakin' war! I can't do anything but cry. I
look at my dad differently now. I can't help but wonder
after all this is over, if anything will EVER be the same
again.. Will it? God knows if there is going to be a war.
God knows if I will have a father to walk me down the aisle
on my wedding day. God knows if my kids will have a
grandfather... God knows if I will forever hurt inside. I
probably should try to go to sleep. I most likely won't get
that much sleep tonight as it is.