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2003-01-28 21:41:00 (UTC)

high priestess of Ishtar?

I really do run into the most interesting people.

i thought last week was bad (my being accident prone in all)
well, this must be the week where all the nutts here in my
hometown come out and talk to me.

aside from a very strange conversation with an older
gentlemen earlier yesterday,
I seemed to have met a high priestess, one who knows abso-
fuckin-lutely nothing about Paganism or well much else.
she beings by telling me that, i need to cleanse my house
becuz an old relative doesnt like my spellcraft.
then later she brings up the "color" of magick (for those
of you out there, magick has no color, only intent. and
when someone says theyre a white/black witch, walk away.
they are either new, watch too many bad "B" movies, or has
no idea wot the hell they are talking about.)
and asks wot "color" i do.(yup, those were her words)so i
told her "my magick has no color, its just about balance".
her "so....ur grey?"
me "yes sure im grey...."
(a few days later and shes running around with a friend of
mine exclaiming that im a demon worshipper.
I love idiots. and boi do they love me.
then (apparently) i did a good job of blocking her outta my
mind when she was trying to read it.
Ishtar, (her patron goddess, nada wrong with that) has
fullfilled her duties to this young woman, so shes moving
on to Isis...yah for her.
but the topper of the conversation when was she
exlaimed "Yes, im really strong, strong beyond
belief...."(minutes pass) "id really like to find my soul
mate, but if i did and had kids with him *THEY* would want
to take the children, becuz theyd be strong too. so
instead, ive found myself a drunk."
Yes, i know, i know, and yes i do have incredible patience.

onto other topics, im now in a drama class.
which is prolly the most exciting thing thats happened to
me in the last month. (aside from glueing my hand to lip
in the class, i got to talk about colonics (which i still
wanna do) and my naked ducks.
one girl said i should be a comediene, too bad she doesnt
realize thats just my everyday "nutty" persona.

as des said "your like acid."
(i replied..thanks i think"
des: no its good, your psychedlic girl...talking to you is
a trip"

yah im a trip =D
anyhow its nap time

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