champagne supernova
2003-01-28 21:26:18 (UTC)

10 esssntial vitamins and minreals

*munch munch munch*.......

Cereal i goooood......*munch munch mumch*
so im not sory for the way i felt *munch munch
much*..this past weekend,...i was mad..simply cranky and
that was how i felt at the time. happens. so today
was the first day of finals andit was boring. but at least
i got tw hard ones out of the way...(ushstory and
english)..although english was way to easy to be real....
so i think that me going to bed last night at 1 in the
morning was casue i wasnt tired at
all...except for the 10 minutes when the history test was
over and the room was air and
sandals...bad combonation! ohwell it was all
gona go for now.. and ileave you with this... cocoa pebbles
says it is : "low fat.provides you with 10 of the esential
vitamins ad minerals"