Visions Of Life
2001-09-17 03:04:23 (UTC)

Sorrow and Anger...

At this moment in time I cannot even find the words in me
to express the sorrow I feel deep inside. Yet, mixed with
the sorrow I am overcome with anger and hatred. But not
just at the people who did this but also at my government
and the United States which is my HOME. Hating the madmen
behind this is easy. I can just turn on the tv or close my
eyes and feel this tragedy in my heart and anger comes
quite easy. But feeling such anger for your own country and
the people in it really bothers me. I dont want to hate the
United States and her citizens but peoples' actions in the
past week make me angry. Make me want to leave this fucking
country and go somewhere where people are not blind and can
see the big picture. Where hatred does no kill common
sense. I know I am the minority and that saddens me. Yes I
cry everyday over the thousands of innocent people who lost
their lives on tuesday but today I was also crying for all
the innocent arab-AMERICANS and muslims who are being
targeted by hate crimes just because the color of their
skin and/or their religion is the same as the terrorists.
These people had nothing to do with this horrible crime yet
American citizens feel the need to hurt the mass for the
actions of a few. What the fuck is wrong with people?!
Hatred isnt going to solve anything. People are saying they
want all Arabs destroyed. What will that acomplish?
Nothing! It will just be more death. More killing of
INNOCENT people. And there will always be others. Horrible
acts are not linked to skin color or religion. It is the
work of a madman. Timothy Mcveigh was NOT arab and yet he
commited a horrible crime and bombed Oklahoma City. Did we
go out and start harassing and murdering everyone who was a
white american? NO! There is no difference between this.
People are just scared and want someone to blame. It
discusts me how hypocritical we are in the US, especially
my generation. We always critisize past generations for
their discriminatory ways. We thought it was horrible that
Japanese-Americans were targeted during world war 11, We
thought it was unthinkable that African=Americans were
discriminated against, it was even bad in the 70's when
ARAB AMERICANS were targeted because of the hostage
situation. Yet we still do it! What will it take for people learn?
The destruction of the world and all its people? The United
States is going the bomb and destroy a country where 90% of
the population doesnt own a tv or even know what the twin
towers are. We are going to bomb a country of starving
children and mothers whose only concern is finding food and
water. We are going to bomb a country where the majority of
the citizens are peaceful, just because of the actions of a
SMALL MINORITY. We are about to bomb a nation of very poor
and oppressed people who dont even know What happened this
week and yet somehow in peoples scared and twisted mind
they can justify the killing of millions of innocent
citizens. I will finish my rant tomorrow but I will say one
more thing. If I EVER see an American harassing another
American because of the color of their skin or their
religion (and yes this is directed to all the sick fucks in
this country who falsly think their violence is justified),
I will defend the victim. You can hit me, kill me, I dont
care. At least I would die doing something that in my heart
I know is right. Tonight, while you are laying in bed,
focus on WHY this happened instead of WHO did it. Unless we
figure out why we will continue to be victims.

To be continued tomorrow