It's Hot in Here...
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2001-09-17 03:03:44 (UTC)

Does two plus one really equal 3 ?...

Ok, this might be a long one...

First of all I have been sick with a migraine headache all
day...We went on a little miny vacation to get away from
school and everything and then I get sick...I really think
God has an odd sense of humor :) But I'm feeling a lot
better now and drinking fake chicken soup, so hopefully I'll
be fine tomorrow...A little behind on my schoolwork, but
fine none the less...

Next thing...I'm ok about m...I mean I'm more than ok...I'm
absolutely, positively, 100 percent sure that he's the
one...I've been praying for the past few months because it's
a little scary finding the man you want to marry while
you're still in college...I asked God, I said you know, I
know you put him here for a reason, so could you please show
me what in the heck that reason is...And He did...It's just
the coolest thing, becasue I know it in my heart that this
is right...Ahhhh I love it! And I know that it won't be
perfect by any means...But I think that's another reason why
we are so good for each other...We already have helped each
other grow and become better people, in ourselves as people
and in God as Christians...

The next thing is my Humanities TA...I do not like this
woman...She gave me a C on my first paper...And ok, if I
deserved a C, I would be fine with it, but she took off
points for me spelling a lot as two words instead of one,
when the correct spelling really is TWO words...I get so
frustrated by people who think they know so much but don't
really know anything...And she also took off a whole lot of
points because I wrote it in an informal manner...Are you
kidding me?...Nowhere at ASU does is specify that every
paper must be written in a formal manner...Now if she would
have said "guys, make this a formal paper" then I would
have...Oooooo, she bugs me...

I'm still a little annoyed by everything that happened this
past week...I just wish the nation would collectively take a
deeeeppppp breath, and step back and be rational about this
rather than go freaking insane...Insane is bad, insane leads
to war, and I think that if any of the stupid people knew
how terrible war really was, they wouldn't want to do it
either...Do mother and fathers really want their sons going
off to war...Do boyfriends want their girlfreinds to go, and
do sisters want their brothers drafted?...I don't think
so...People don't want justice, they want to see just as
much pain inflicted upon other innocent people as was upon
them...Which is so wrong...And Indian guy at my school got
beat up in the parking lot last week, just for having dark
skin...Are you kidding me ? This is a university, a learning
institution...Where obviously some of the most STUPID people
come...Who has the right?...We are all AMERICANS, we all
went through the pain of damage to our country, but that is
no excuse for the other kinds of tragedies that have been
happening around the country...It makes me sick really...May
God have mercy on us...The Innocent and Guilty both...