as the Oval turns
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2001-09-17 03:00:53 (UTC)


Song of the past two weeks: I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack

Move-in day's over with...and I'm happy. I can't believe
that all of this RA preparation has been going on for two I got through this stuff. I'm amazed...I feel
like someone who's been initiated into a sorority or
something. I'm really amazed that it went by really
quickly, and I'm still here. Praise God. I got farther
than I thought I'd get...made it when I didn't know I would.

I'm still not used to the fact that I'm an RA. This was not
in my plans. But then again, a lot of my life is a surprise
to me. I went to the Back to School Retreat for IV the
other night and most of yesterday, and one thing we were
supposed to reflect on is our lives as a portrait and a
reflection of the decisions we've made. My life. I'm 20
years old and I don't feel like I'm any older than 16, maybe
17. It's as if after I turned 16, the past four years
became one continuous year with no concrete end. It's weird
when your friends are either 21 or close to it, and these
aren't exactly who you consider your "older" friends. Pacey
is 21 and will be 22 in January, Esther is already 21, Brad
will be 21 in a week and a half, and Jenna will be in three
months. It's like life is passing by so quickly...I'm in my
third year, I'll be graduating in two years, possibly less.
It seems like just yesterday when I was graduating from high
school. But I wouldn't have known that I would come to
college in Ohio, double-major in poli sci and soc, become a
Christian, meet up with a lot of cool people, face and
conquer challenges, and learn a lot about myself and others.
And actually become an RA...etc. I also get the feeling
that this year is going to be different in a lot of ways,
and that'll be awesome.

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