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2001-09-17 02:58:09 (UTC)


i dont understand.
i just dont.
at all.
you know.
its not even a matter of me trusting you.
i do.
i fucking trust you so much.
and thats not something i usually do.
you know.
i just dont know why you would put me in this situation.
i know that i wouldnt put you in it.
and you ASKED her to stay.
you know what i mean.
i just dont get it.
you know.
they told you not to let her fuck us up.
so what exactly am i supposed to think.
what exactly are you sacrificing here.
i just dont understand.
you know how i think.
and i wouldnt do this to you.
i just fucking wouldnt.
and im not trying to make you feel like shit.
but this is how i feel.
this is not an attack on you baby.
this is just whats going through my mind.
i didnt even believe you were serious.
you know.
we talk about the fact that she even CALLS you.
and now shes at your house.
you would be beyond fucking pissed right now.
and im trying to understand you.
im trying to understand what the hell youre thinking.
obviously this is going to upset me.
obviously it has.
and that is okay with you.
you know.
thats okay.
i know that you care about me.
but you need to realize what the hell youre putting me
through with this.
you said tonight that everything you do upsets me.
and thats bullshit.
the only things that upset me, upset me because i care
about you.
like the drug thing.
because i care about you.
or, this.
because fuck man. i dont even need to explain.
i just dont get it.
i mean if you want me to be all about you baby.
you need to give me some reinforcement here.
you know.
not this shit.
i wouldnt fucking do this to you.
i wouldnt spend the night with my ex.
fuck that man.
i so wouldnt.
because i would KNOW what the hell that would do to you.
i dont understand how you can do this.
and people would say its because you dont care about me.
and i know that you do.
which is why im trying to understand here.
you know.
instead of getting all pissed off and shit.
i just want to understand.
i still have to fucking write a paper.
im going.

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