A LiL WanKstaZ LiFe
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2003-01-28 20:53:49 (UTC)

Movin On

Wud up....Well 2day wus a good day fo me...I havent had
a good day in a long time but i'm doin alot better im
starting 2 hang more wit tha guys den females bcuz all
females do is talk shit and stab u in tha back and im tired
of dat shit. U can't truss nobody these dayz. My ex called
me up lass nite talkin bout he moving on and he likes
anotha gurl already...He tells me dat shit 2 piss me off
cuz he knowz ima get jealous cus i still got love fo
him...It jus hurts 2 see how he culd let errythang dat we
had go so fast. He acts like he dont give a fuck about me
ne more like if he wuldnt care if i were 2 die.OO well i
jus gotta move on wit my life and find me a man dis time
not a boy. Sum1 who can treat me tha way a female shuld be
treated....I kno dat sumday in tha future he's gonna
realize dat letting tha one person who trully loved him go
wus tha biggest mistake of his life and i kno hes gonna
want me bak and hes gonna suffer w/o me. It may not happen
ne time soon but eventually it will and hes gonna be so
hurt wen he see's me happy wit sum1 else...Well ima go

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