2001-09-17 02:56:39 (UTC)

Not much going on in the way of..

Not much going on in the way of news today. Besides the
obvious. Tired of hearing and reading about that tho.
Hubby is off to work today. I have to go in tomorrow and
try to change everyone's mistakes. Wonderful attitude huh?
I'm tired that is my excuse. I need to go to bed and i just
keep typing and typing. I love to read other peoples
journals but mine is so unbelievably boring. Went to
chicago this weekend. Saw one of my stores actually two and
went to a bar called mother's. Pretty coollittle bar.
Tried to get into excalibur but they had a fucking dress
code. Retarded! Went to local gay bar Sat nite with H and
talked to a girl there named Erin. She was cute and i gave
her my number so the ball is in her court. so weird cuz i
have never picked up on a guy like that???!!! anyway i
bettr go to bed before my back in pain.buh-bye