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2001-09-17 02:32:41 (UTC)

socks with hearts

so its weird, tonight, is sunday, id almost always be with
my father, but im not, cause, well i dont know why, im just
not, work sucked the past 2 days, i mean it REALLY sucked,
more than any other time ever, so i was thoroughly please
when i gave my boss my week's notice, i made over 150 this
weekend, it'll do me good to take a few weekends off before
applying somewhere else.

im updating my bear share site, so i can get that exhale
song from dashboard.

clint's online, i dicided i wotn IM him first tonight, i
talked to him today a lot already, he can IM me if he wants
to talk, and just few seconds ago, he did, why am i so
paronoid about our friendship? grr.

christine called me today, told me about random things,
lee, smokin weed for th first time and other stuff like
that, it made me smile, rememerbering "that" me, ya know,
first shows, gettin all excited over game over or left
behind, bein nervus about what to wear, maybe i miss that a
little, sometimes i feel i get to callus and unsympathetic,
its better than being blazon and callow, but still, i need
to work on my people skills.

dan said he wanted to see me on saturday at the ap engine
show, what the heck, he never told me, for sure, if hed be
around, so why would i go there alone, im beginning to hate
west chestr, though im thoroughly pleased with my recent
vinyl purchases. yeah so apparently dan was havin a party
at his apartment (as always) and wanted me to go, so he
stopped by and i wasnt there, but whatever.

ok im gonan keep this one shorter cause i already wrote it
once and lost it all, i called the photographer lady from
the show, maybe i can get some good pics now, thatd be
awesome... 8 by 10s would be sauce, phew, ok im gonna sleep
i think... one more thing, i think im gonan sew a heart
core patch (if we ever get around to makn them) over beats
on my falcones jacket, i think.

my mom got me socks with hearts and socks with stars, she's
my hero.

cross your heart and hope to die.

nighty night.

"dont cry"

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