College and Frogs
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2001-09-17 02:19:34 (UTC)

I guess most boys aren't that bad

Okay I talked to Jacob today, but he was still being a butt
this morning and wouldn't tell me what I wanted to know
from him. He kept telling me to call Allie and see what
she said. Well I didn't get the chance to do so until
about a half hour ago. I called her dorm room (she goes to
a different school), but she wasn't there. So I called her
boyfriends, against my better judgement, but no one
answered there either. Jacob says he's happy that I
atleast tried, but he won't say anything now. Even tho I
appologized for calling and waking him up this morning. I
really like Jacob, well I don't know if like is the word I
wanted, but I really had hoped that we could have an actual
friendship. Well now I think that I have totally messed
that whole idea up. I really hope more than anything that
I have not lost my best friend in this whole thing. I miss
her sooooo much, and I consider her my little sister (her
birthday is 17 days after mine) even tho she acts like my
big sis. My mom even considers Allie, her adopted
daughter. I love her so much, and would not be able to
bear it if I lost her.
Matt, her boyfriend is a totally different story. I'm
really not sure hw I should feel about him. I don't know
if I could ever consider him part of our little group after
today. He will always be the outsider who is dating our
best friend. Maybe late in life I can consider him more
than that, but I don't know.
Well I guess that's all I have to say for this evening, if
anything else happens I'll let you know tomorrow.

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