Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-17 02:17:23 (UTC)

Know what?

I have no voice. It's true. It's gone. Don't laugh. It's
not funny.

I woke up and went to church today.. and I got there kinda
late so I just sat down. Mike ask a question and I TRIED to
answer... but nothing came out. Ashley laughed. I told her
to shut up:)

I came home today and worked on my scrapbook. It's a little
bit more difficult that I had imagined. Takes a lot of

Can I just say one thing? Matt E. is mean sometimes:) I
know I can say this on here.. cause I know he never reads
it. At least, Im pretty sure he doesn't. Anyway.. just
thought I'd add that little tidbit.

Oh.. I got my retreat pics back. They're cool:)