my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-28 18:34:59 (UTC)

o dag the coldness is freaky

i am really cold! COLDITIS SUCKS. arg.... i slept late
today. shock shock haha. i mean i would have slept till
like 3 if i could lol. but i slept till like... 11:30. then
from then till 12 i layed in m ybed half awake looking at
my clock and trying to remember my dreams. which i did
remember some and they were really really really weird.
yea.. then i looked at my clock and it said 12:25 and i was
like "AHHHHHH" cause my cloks 20 min or so head and i was
supposed to unlock the door for liz at 12 cuz she had a
half day and i ran down stairs after picking my glasses up
of the floor cause when i hit the snooze button on my clock
i accidently knocked half the junk off my table haha. yea
then i went back upstairs lol. i didn't go back to sleep
though i only put on my bra and turned on the radio cuz 3
doors down was on and that song reminds me of my babie.
after that i dont even oh yea i went down here and checked
my email and then i was like "hey i wanna watch some
veggietales." so i put lyle the kindly viking in lol and
ate a toaster strudel and watched the first like 10 minutes
till right after the silly song(about larrys high silk hat
haha) then went upstairs for who knows what reason. oh yea
to check on liz and i saw national geographics on dads bed
and started lookign at them and was reading about different
countrys and they're weapons and stuff lol. it was actually
interestin, we have no biological weapons in the us.well
accoring to the chart at least.and i looked at... really
weird monkey. gelands or something .weird ugly things i
mean not ugly but wow man the first pic was of one who had
his teeth showin and it freaked me out lol. so any way i
totally missed lyle the kindly viking(cause before it was
shakespears "omlet" haha), and when i came downstaris i
decided to get online so haha now im online doin NOTHING.
lol. i still haven't put the memory theorys we talked about
in psych to test. im going to today. study for like a hour
for my bio test. maybe ill go now.. i have to take a
shower... practice piano... and get ready. whic hwel lthe
getin ready part takes al lof 5 minutes lol. even putting
on make up dag i am just liek *eyeliner on mascara on
chapstick* WOOSh im done. unless i feel like putting on
powder and eyeshadow, but unless im trying a new way it
stil ltakes like 5 minutes. i really dont understand ho it
takes some women like 20 minuteds to put on make up. i wear
make-up.. a lot... and it's obvious lol and dag people will
be like "u must take forever to get ready" im like "yea
right it takes 5 mins for make up and i just put my hair
back" i barely EVER blow dry my hair. unless its wet im
going outside then yea... but still i don't style it when i
do lol i put gel in it and blow dry it no styling or
nething. i don't care too awful much about HOW i look as
long as its presentable. but everytime i go to amy's haha
well we will get up like a hour before we have to leave
right? well ill take a shower and she'll take one, we both
blow dry our hair then she always wants t odo something to
mine like curl it then hers lol and we're always late. i
was at her house till 10 last night. we tried to install
her scanner for like a hour lol... then we were watching
french kiss. ahaha thats a funny movie. kevin klines really
good on that accent! i hate paris in the spring time.... i
hate paris in the fall. i hate paris why oh why do i hate
paris because my love is there... with his slut
girlfriend... lol... yea any way lol. im going to go its
130 and ive got shower and piano. so yea bye.

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