FallnAngel's Journal
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2003-01-28 18:28:53 (UTC)

This is my new journal...

I decided that i have not had a journal in a while and i
wanted a new one. This kind is different then the other
one, and i cant put what song i am currently listening to
or the mood i am in, but i am sure i can put those
somewhere in the entries. alot of things have happened
since the old journal became just that...the old journal. i
went to tennessee to visit richy and had a really good
time. i met his friends and they all seem pretty cool. i
spent my birthday there and just enjoyed being with my sexy
man. i miss him greatly now though and can't wait till i
get to see him again. hopefully he will be coming home
soon, and this time i hope it for good. I graduate from
Newport in now less than a month and i am looking forward
to getting my life on my own started. i am hoping to move
out of my parents house soon and being independent,
although i do not want to move away just yet. i would miss
everyone to much. but i guess if richy does not move home,
then i will end up going to nashville. i kinda want to stay
here too though so i can work two jobs to save up money to
pay off my car. thats my plan right now...but i dont know
how things will end up. things change, but i do know that i
want to be with richy so i guess i will follow my heart.
I have been feeling a little depressed lately, i guess its
because i miss my boyfriend. i know that sounds retarded,
but its the truth. i talk to him and when i am done talking
to him i end up crying because i just want him to hold me.
it even worse when he says the cute things to me...but
since he says them all the time i guess its always bad. i
just need a hug from him...he gives the best hugs...the
kind that you never want to let go of.
Tomorrow me and paula are going to get peirced again!!
yay...i am excited about the newest whole in my body! i was
supposed to go get another tattoo last week, but my mom
asked me to wait for her so we can get one together. i said
that was fine...i really didnt have the money for one last
week anyway. alright well i have to go to work soon.
Anyone who wants to comment on these...even tho i know no
one will can email me at [email protected]
bye everyone